Graeme Smith Hydroponic Farmers Federation Conference 2018

Graeme Smith

Hydroponic Vegetable Grower - 9 years growing crops in controlled greenhouse production system in Woodend, Victoria. Hydroponic Farmers Federation Inc - Foundation Secretary from 1995 (currently ex-officio) Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Association Inc - Committee member in 1995 and national president 1999 – 2010 Protected Cropping Australia - Chairman 2010 - 2012, Board Member 2012 - present Graeme Smith Consulting • Company formed in 1998 to offer system and crop consultancy services to new and existing growers across Australia. • Company has developed full training package in commercial hydroponic crop production. • Facilitated a 5-year plan for the development and delivery of a skills training package for all industry growers across Australia. • Developed and delivered national workshops to assist greenhouse growers to convert to full nutrient recycling (closed) systems • Company facilitates greenhouse study tours of Europe & North America, encouraging growers to assess firsthand new and emerging technologies and how to integrate into their existing systems. • Performs detailed feasibility studies including climate and financial studies for new and existing enterprises (inc. ROI & EBIT)

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