Oral Presentation Hydroponic Farmers Federation Conference 2018

Light optimalization (#7)

Roger R De Jagher 1
  1. Mardenkro BV, Baarle-Nassau, NBR, Netherlands

Coatings and solutions for less or even more light


Growing greenhouse production is constantly reacting to outside climate conditions. Part of the time, there is an overload of (sun) light and heat, and other parts a shortage of energy. In this session, we will provide the audience with insights of how to optimize the use of solar energy for greenhouse production. By implementing some simple measures, a grower can achieve more yield with a better quality. An example of a solution to create a better greenhouse climate is using coatings and solutions.

Development of coatings has gone fast in recent years. Not only reflecting light but also improving the light quality by diffusing the incoming light. This results in a more even spreading of light throughout the greenhouse and the crop. In addition, different crops have different light requirements. Besides needing more or less light, crops can also prefer to have more or less of a specific color in the light spectrum.

This session will further elaborate on the special light requirements of crops and how growers can get the maximum out of their greenhouse production.