Oral Presentation Hydroponic Farmers Federation Conference 2018

Why will Australian consumers buy more of what Hydronic Farmers produce? (#1)

Martin Kneebone 1
  1. Freshlogic, Hawthorn, VIC, Australia

This presentation will draw on the findings of the FOODFrontiers analysis and deliver a set of views on emerging market trends with that are poised to drive change in the food market. The content draw on Freshlogic food consumer and food market data to provide insight into household food buying influences and consumption behaviours.  The Australian food market settings will be profiled to provide insight into how this market works and what is of relevance to hydroponic growers. The major food market trends will be identified, evidenced and explained before being extended out to profile their relative potential impact on the food market and specifically as they travel through the fresh food supply chains to the Australian market. The presentation will conclude with a summary of how these trends extends to commercial implications for hydroponic producers.